Sunday, August 11, 2013

You Want to Build Residual Income for Life?

Then SFI (Stong Future International) is the vehicle you need!

Here is why SFI rocks:

  • Now in our 15th successful year
  • Millions of dollars paid out to our affiliates
  • 89000+ commissionable products & services
  • In over 190 countries worldwide
  • World-class 24/7 support & training
  • Bronze Member of Better Business Bureau
  • Can do everything from your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Start earning money within minutes and it's ALWAYS FREE

To join SFI for free, follow this link.

But to truly succeed with SFI, you need to know the rules to success. As an experienced affiliate, I'll be sharing with you my 7 keys to success with SFI. Here they are:

1. This is your business, and you should treat it like one. You can't rely upon your sponsor to help you because he may not always be there. Your business may require an investment of time and money to get faster results, just like any other venture. You should be prepared to accept that and put in the necessary effort to see quick results.

2. You have to log in every day to make sure that you keep informed about your business. If you had a coffee shop, or a hardware store, you would need to go there every day, especially when starting up. This business is no different.

3. You need to advertise your business every day. Whether it is paid advertising or free advertising, this needs to be done. You do not have a storefront in a mall that people walk by every day, so you need to promote your business some other way, and SFI provides lots of tools for that (

4. You will need to treat your affiliates as your customers, because that is what they are. You should answer all their emails as best as you can and any new affiliates should always get a new affiliate greeting from you. You should always send them an email when they have achieved EA status or higher. Communication with your affiliates is vitally important. You should use the PSA and CSA Mailer consistently, and use the Team Talk on a regular basis. If all your Team Talk messages are from the president instead of yourself, you are not doing a good job in helping your affiliates.

5. You should keep a Standing Order of at least 1500VP each month so that you don't lose your EA status. It will also get you an extra 2 entries in the Daily Grand Drawings and 2 CSA's every month. You should look at your Standing Order as rent you have to pay to keep your store open and your shelves stocked with product. Find out about Standing Order here:

6. The past does not equal the future. Whatever you tried in the past that didn't work doesn't mean something else in the future won't. If you do nothing, you can expect nothing. If you quit, you lose.

7. This is not a get rich quick business. It takes time to build relationships that produce results. It takes patience, persistence, and passion.

To join SFI for free, follow this link.